Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A sad anniversary ...

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the death of our good friend, Dave Travis, who was killed in an accident on the road between Polis and Steni. Sad times and we shall hope that the succeeding year/s will not affect us so deeply.

Last night, on a brighter note, we went to our friend Steve's 65th birthday party at Platea Meze House in Polis. They were over forty of us present and it was a jolly and fun occasion. The food was delicious although the meze was too much for even the most robust eaters. We sat with people we knew and it was a very pleasant evening. Except that, the service was amateurish and slow ... you would not believe how difficult it was to get a drink. This is a relatively new enterprise but I fear for their future. Our meals were paid for by our hosts and we were responsible for our drinks.

At the end of the evening the waiter, eventually, brought a bill but it was a bill for the whole table - and two of those couples had paid and left. He wanted €69,00 from us for a bill that was eventually calculated at €18,00. It was suggested that we had had nine bottles of Keo - yes that was me comatose on the floor. What a bloody farce ... we shall not be returning.

On the bright side Paula and Steve had a lovely evening, and we met a lovely Cypriot/American couple, who were just not what they seemed. Brilliant fun and something to be repeated at another venue.

The guy who is going to sort out the inside and outside plaster work is on his way, and his decorating skills will be challenged. But it will be great to get our home back to its pristine state. What the cats will think of this invasion remains to be seen?

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