Monday, 8 August 2016

Our "Magnum Opus" begins

At 08.03 this morning Andreas and his team arrived and the great work has begun. Apparently it will take between five and six days to repair the plasterwork and repaint the inside of the house, and then another six or seven days to replaster and paint the outside of the house. They are nice guys and certainly seem to know what they are doing. So, living in something of a shambles for the next week, and then watching them outside the house, will be worth it.

We have lived here for getting on for three years and, as I suspect with all properties in Cyprus, regular maintenance needs to be done and not put off. The architect and the builder both came up to see where the problems were and I don't believe they agreed. Much of this could have been prevented if a damp proof course had been installed when the house was built about twelve years ago. But you could also argue the house would be warmer in winter and cooler in summer if more attention had been paid to insulation.

Despite all of this we are delighted to live here, and taking coffee looking over Polis Chrysochous bay is a daily joy. It's our view of course. What makes the whole experience of living here even more special is the fact that our closest neighbours live a hundred and fifty metres away, and we never hear them. We knew before we moved that the expat gated communities were not for us, but the sense of freedom that we have is worth its weight in gold. Something to consider for those following us out here is that living cheek by jowl with other people is not necessary and is affordable. The trick is finding the right property.

Cooler days are nowhere in sight yet and, if last September is anything to go by, we shall be sweltering for some weeks to come. But what on earth would the British have to moan about if there wasn't the weather to discuss? So much of the year is similar to a hot British Summer, where you can potter about in shorts and t-shirts ... and not worry about getting burnt. We sit outside on many days in January and February, and only retire indoors when the sun goes down. In fact, for months on end, it is just a matter of sitting in the sun or in the shade. There seems to be a cut-off point when you suddenly realise that shade is vital. Decisions ... decisions ... decisions

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