Sunday, 14 August 2016

Colours for curtain hanging ...

Something of a first for me as we decided to rehang the net curtains and the proper curtains, after the painters rehung the blinds. I was chosen to rehang the first lot of curtains and, my goodness, how hot it is near the ceiling. But what a team! In no time at all the lovely regency curtains in our former dining area/current office area were rehung and today Ann rehung the golden curtains in our living area. The last one was a triumph and we sat down, in a slight sweat, to admire the work we had done. More photographs tomorrow on my Facebook page to show the end result.

It is like living in a new house, and once the outside plastering and painting is completed - then it will be like living in a new house. This has been a marvellous opportunity to throw out junk and to reorganise. I went for a siesta today, and missed the surrender of the English cricket team to Pakistan, and awoke to find that Ann had rejigged the dresser and what a difference that makes. I hope, by the end of Tuesday, that we shall be set fair. Both bedrooms and bathrooms are sorted, and a few adjustments to our living area should see the job done.

Lovely news that Becky S. and "Jas" might arrive next month for a visit. Apparently he is very tall and looks like Worzel Gummidge. It would be lovely to see her and I am sure Worzel and I can enjoy a few beers to enable Ann to spend time with her daughter.

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