Saturday, 24 December 2016

Ann saves the day ...

Christmas comes and goes - and we have had a different celebration every year since arriving in Cyprus. But one thing never changes and that is - to make our day - that Brussels sprouts must be part of the food on offer.

Imagine our disappointment when we did the rounds of supermarkets, kiosks and fruiteria to find that no-one had sprouts for sale. But "Mr Beer", so called because that's where we buy our Keo by the case, told Ann that he would be going out early on Christmas Eve morning to try and find some. And so, Ann decided that she would get up early and go into Polis in search of these elusive sprouts. My alarm went at 06.30 and, as good as her word, Ann got dressed, had some coffee, and off she went in the bleak midwinter.

She returned triumphantly an hour later with sprouts aplenty. Mr Beer told her that Cypriots had never really discovered the humble sprout, and so they were not always easy to source. But he saved the day as did Ann with her determination to get what we wanted.

Not long ago this blog racked up more than twenty thousand visits since I started writing it. That's some number. And so I wish all the readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas and wish sincerely that 2017 turns out to be a better year than this one has been. Some of our friends have suffered, as have we, so here's hoping 2017 is a real belter.

A final thought: we were watching a tv programme the other day and, in the background, was a sign that said, "Life's too short. BREAK SOME RULES." That's our resolution for 2017. So  you had all better watch out ...

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