Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas ... the time to be merry.

Once again Christmas has sneaked up on us, and we find ourselves having to put thinking caps on. Simple this year as we have decided to stay at home - despite the kind invitation we had to stay over with friends in Pomos - and do our own thing. So we shall head for Paphos this coming weekend with a list of "essentials" we cannot source in this area. Last year we were surprised how relatively empty the shops were on the Sunday before Christmas, as we had visions of massive queues.

The weather is becoming a little more seasonal although odds on a White Christmas are as low as ever. So, unless we fancy a trip up to the Troodos, it looks as if Santa will have to leave his sleigh at home. I'm finding that I enjoy Christmas as much as ever, even if there is no religious significance to our celebrations.

Whether people across the world will be able to celebrate is a moot point. The ongoing tragedy in Syria breaks my heart, and I cannot imagine what it must be like for the people caught up in Aleppo. I wonder whether in years to come people will look back at this in the same way as we do with the slaughter and massacres which took place in Bosnia. The Western "powers" all seem unwilling to do anything about the killing which is taking place in front of their eyes. I wonder what is the point of spending billions of pounds on weapons and the armed forces, if they are not to be used when needed. Boris Johnson is the answer, of course. But what was the question?

I was reading a series of posts about The Grand Tour last week, and the lack of impact that this new series was having. Boris Johnson (that man again) was mentioned as he had been proposed as a replacement for Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. And then some wag suggested that Boris Johnson could replace Jeremy Clarkson on The Grand Tour and that would free Clarkson to become the new Foreign Secretary. He certainly couldn't do any worse than Boris.

Readers of this blog will know the disdain I have for venal politicians and their ability to do what they consider is best. Best for whom or what, you may ask? Best for the country ... not a chance. Best for themselves ... of course. When I see Hammond, Davis, Johnson and Fox circling, one thing comes to mind. They can all see that Brexit is likely to be the political death of Theresa May, and they are positioning themselves to be her replacement. They are like vultures, circling a corpse. Let's hope they all remember that Michael Gove is there in the shadows, sharpening his knives and ready to plunge the blade into their backs.

Jeremy Clarkson for PM anyone ...

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