Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas in the kitchen ...

What a start to the day ... Eggs' Benedict, which we have often enjoyed but never cooked. It was a joint effort and the making of the Hollandaise Sauce provided a moment of worry. It just would not thicken but, an inspired web page later, and we had added a teaspoonful of lemon juice and away we went. Lovely smooth Hollandaise Sauce and Eggs' Benedict to do for. And we did find muffins in Cyprus.

The leg of lamb is just about to go into the oven, and Ann's Cyprus-style roast potatoes will be epic. What a lovely change from just roast potatoes. But, and it almost goes without saying, the last minute arrival of the Brussels sprouts (just like the US Cavalry) will make the day special.

Our plan to start with duck pâté will just enable us to resist temptation, until all is well. The house is warm, the weather a little wet and windy, and we have just decided to have a glass of wine. There are all sorts of plans for later in the day but, like most years, we will run out of steam and the cheese will remain until another day.

Boxing Day P.S.- what a fabulous day. Gentle and without pressure and we ate well, were remarkably sensible with our alcohol intake and never got round to watching the film we had sorted for the evening. The lamb, from Kolios in Paphos, was superb and the olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and thyme marinade was a delight. Ann's roast potatoes were even better on this second experimental occasion, and the Brussels sprouts ... there is nothing to say.

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special appeared and that was fun, and then my energy levels began to drop. Ann was watching a programme about a zoo, where the 23 foot long python needed medical attention. I managed to stay awake long enough in bed for Ann to join me with the good news. It would have been a disturbed night if the python had not recovered.

Coming into the living area this morning to make coffee, it was like discovering a garlic factory. A gentle day ahead, with cold lamb and pickles, and even possibly a walk - although rain is forecast for later. I hope all the readers of my blog had a super Christmas Day and that you feel as content with life this morning as we do.

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