Saturday, 25 October 2014

Charity begins at home?

Three weeks into raising money for needy families in Argaka, the very reasonable question was asked last night as to what the money was going to be used for. This sparked an interesting discussion and it was suggested - in the wake of the scandal involving the mayor of Paphos - that we should set up Argaka Aid as a charity. The more we talked, the more this seemed to be a good idea.

To this end, we have posted on our proposals to set up a charity, and also our intention over the next couple of days to post our accounts for each Friday online, so that the financial affairs of Argaka Aid are transparent. The good news is that we have raised €299,60 so far.

People we talked to were very supportive of the fund-raising (with the winners of the last two quizzes donating their winnings to Argaka Aid) but were concerned that Yiannis - the owner of The Fly Again - and Ann and I were putting ourselves in a vulnerable situation. "You do know how people talk, don't you ..."

So we are currently investigating setting up a charity, and thank goodness Ann has substantial experience as a book-keeper. I nominate her as treasurer. Any objections? Carried unanimously.

Gosh! And we both said we wanted to be involved in the local community. Be careful what you wish for. No ... we really love this involvement. It's almost like not being retired.

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