Friday, 24 October 2014

"Stormy Weather Ahead"

It looks like the lovely autumnal sunshine is taking a break and we are in for stormy weather. Fantastic ... I said to Ann yesterday that I could not envisage being glad that the weather was not going to be blue skies and sunshine for a few days. To make matters more autumnal, both Jaz and Honey decided to stand guard over the fireplace as it sounded very much like a gecko was wandering about behind the wooden screen. How things change in the space of a couple of years.

Quiz and Bingo tonight, and then dinner with friends at the Half-way House tomorrow night, with the possibility of thunder and lightning - and even dinner by candlelight if there is a power cut. And then it's all hands to the pumps (too many clich├ęs today) as David and Letitia arrive on Wednesday, Pam and Becky arrive on Thursday and - ten days' later - Ann's daughter arrives to stay.

As with all websites I have spent far too long playing about and not getting things finalised, but that's all the fun. Once The Fly Again website is established, then the Jewellery Workshop website needs to be sorted. And, sooner or later, I need to start designing the pages of my ebook. The writing of the contents is not that difficult but I often wonder whether my design skills are affected by OCD. Websites, snooks or even letterheads, there always seems to be an inordinate amount of "fiddling" to "get things just right".

And how many shopping days to Christmas are left?

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