Saturday, 18 October 2014

Wet, wet, wet

When the end of the hose comes off in summer, it cools you down and your clothes dry in a few minutes. Not so in the middle of October. The car went off-road the other day and I thought it would be a good idea to hose off the mud. Lovely sunny morning and I had just cleaned the pool, so was in outdoor mode. I squeezed the trigger on the hose and all was fine ... for five seconds ... and then Whoosh! No problem I thought and I disassembled the end, fitted it back carefully and then started again. Same result and I was soaked to the skin, and was that water cold. Ann was full of sympathy and almost choked trying not to laugh.

Better news last night at the Bingo and Quiz night. Everything went very smoothly, and the lessons we learned last week stood us in good stead. Lots of fun, and the inaugural "Play Your Cards Right" was a hoot, even if no one won. The winning quiz team, The Grumps, then donated their winnings to Argaka Aid. With two €10,00 donations earlier in the week, the donation of the €25,00 from The Grumps and €59.20 from quiz and bingo sales, over €100,00 to Argaka Aid to add to the €52,00 raised last week. Brilliant news.

We await the return of the plumber at lunchtime to see whether the mystery of the shower room cistern can be solved at the second attempt. 

Yiannis has unearthed the "eagle carrying the pint of Guinness" artwork, which is the symbol of The Fly Again in PDF format and I found the image he uses of the leprechaun carrying the pot of gold. So onwards and upwards with the website. The only problem is that the leprechaun objected to being resized and I had to threaten him with a thrashing, which had about the same effect as Basil Fawlty thrashing his car when it wouldn't start. But resize he did, and he will sit proudly on the website landing page.

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