Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Retirement ... a time to relax?

In retirement, there is the time to do what you want and when you want, and at a pace that suits you. I wish ...

Very busy times ahead, and whilst it's great fun to be involved in so many things, there are moments when you wish you could pause for breath. I've just finished the quiz questions, including the audio-visual clips and picture quiz sheets for the next fortnight's Bingo & Quiz nights at The Fly Again. In between arranging car hire for our friends Becky and Pam, who arrive for a ten-day stay on 30th October, we are also looking forward to welcoming David and Letitia (and their dog) on 29th October. They are, of course, moving here to live and I am due to pick them up at Paphos Airport at 20.40 on Wednesday evening in a week's time.

No sooner will Becky and Pam fly back to the UK, then it will be time to pick up Ann's daughter, Becky, who comes out to stay on 11th November. I am so looking forward to seeing her as, although Ann has made two trips back to the UK, it is over two years since I have seen her. Polis and Argaka watch out.

Over the weekend I purchased the domain name and hosting plan for The Fly Again website and I'm just waiting for that to come online. It will be a work in progress for some time to come, but - like writing - it is always easier to work with something that exists than stare at a blank piece of paper or computer screen. I'll let you know so you can check it out, and you'll be able to find it at www.flyagainirishbar.com - the more the merrier.

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