Monday, 27 October 2014

Charity Matters ...

The continuing saga about raising money for the needy in Argaka took a new turn over the weekend, with a flurry of emails from people who have faced this dilemma. With the need for transparency, we published the Argaka Aid accounts on the website ... thus showing all the money going in and out, and the amount of money raised. €300,00 in three weeks is pretty good going.

Achieving charitable status for such a small undertaking would be costly and take a long time, as other organisations have discovered. All documentation (constitutions etc.) must be in Greek, and one lady who contacted me had spent two years wrestling with this, before taking another route.

She suggested that, like her organisation (founded in 2007 and still going), we register with Paphos District as a non-profitmaking organisation. This will allow us to raise money for our cause, without infringing any laws in Cyprus. Obviously we want to be completely legal and above-board in this, and totally transparent - especially as we are dealing with other peoples' money.

So, this morning, we are holding a meeting with Yiannis at The Fly Again to discuss the best way forward. Let's hope that everything is resolved quickly and easily. Until the status of Argaka Aid is confirmed, the fund of money raised will remain untouched ... although fundraising on Friday evenings will continue.

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