Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A week later ...

Nearly a week later and still this bug lingers. In fact I feel worse today than I did when I retired to my bed. Sadly Ann has also caught whatever it is, and we were both very sick last night. According to Ann's hairdresser there is a virus going round (she has felt like I do for three weeks now) and - when she went to see the doctor - she was prescribed antibiotics. It looks as if we shall have to see the doctor, but there is no way Ann is fit enough to be driven to Polis today. The worst of it is that, the moment I lie down, I start coughing which means I have had no proper sleep for five nights now, and that is exhausting.

Our friend Jill from Pomos sent some Lemsip Max round, which she brings back from the UK, so I'll try that later. Until then, I shall put this blog on the back burner.

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