Saturday, 18 April 2015

Onwards and upwards

Well having survived the zombies early on Wednesday morning, I saw my consultant in the early afternoon with the results of my blood tests. I had been concerned in the run-up to this consultation, but afterwards ... I felt a hundred times' better. After an examination there was no sign of the fluid on the lungs that had been apparent a week previously, and the enlarged heart was back to its proper size and function. There had been a question about my being prescribed diuretics but, and she had consulted the cardiologist in Paphos, this would not be necessary. My blood test results were excellent, and the strange spike in my blood sugar levels when I had been on the wards was nowhere to be found. In fact there was no trace of diabetes, which had been the case for nearly three years, when I lost four and a half stones in weight.

My heart rate was down markedly, helped by the new medication and this - hopefully - is temporary until my cardioversion next month. After that, all other things being equal, should ensure normal service is resumed.

All sorts of people, and people we would consider acquaintances rather than close friends, have been gently chastising us for not letting them know that I was ill and in hospital. This is not the reaction we would have expected in the UK, but this is Cyprus. It doesn't make it any easier but we are beginning to realise it is the way here. Ann is still coughing and finding it difficult to throw off the last remnants of the infection, but is so much better than last week.

The earthquake (5.6 on the Richter Scale) was a surprise but a lot of people we know we're quite frightened by it. Our cats were outraged and Ann did suggest I move away from the bookcase. But we suffered no damage and were grateful for that.

Today we are experimenting with barbecuing swordfish, which will be a first for us. Ann is busy creating lemon pepper (no shortage of lemons or peppercorns) which is an important part of the recipe we plan to adapt. Tomorrow, despite planning and failing to get there for a couple of months, we hope to go to Steni Market, and see what is what. Our friends David and Letitia say it is great, and so off we shall go.

Early summer in Cyprus is delightful and pottering about in 23°C sunshine is ideal. Life is good.

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