Sunday, 19 April 2015

Swordfish Supreme

For reasons we cannot understand, we have always used meat on the Barbecue and never fish. As Ann is a great lover of fish, and has enjoyed swordfish regularly here, we decided to bite the bullet and have a go. Using a lemon pepper and dill weed marinade, we proceeded with some slight apprehension. Turning every couple of minutes, the swordfish did not burn and the barbecue did not flare. After about twenty minutes, the flesh was flaky and so off to the table. Accompanied by a potato salad and a green salad, and some lovely, earthy beetroot, we enjoyed a fabulous meal. Looking out over Polis Chrysochus Bay, it was another magical moment. Coupled with the arrival of the bee-eaters earlier in the day, it was a day to remember.

It's a strange postscript from our lives in the UK that we still consider the weekends as special. "Let's have some people over for lunch?" When? The weekend of course. As one Cypriot said to me, "When you are retired, every day is Sunday."

As each day grows warmer, the pool becomes ever more inviting. We sat bathing our feet by the Roman steps yesterday and I can see the full body experience happening in the next couple of weeks. After that, there is the time when it is a bit chilly to immerse yourself, and then a perfect time when the water is cool enough to be refreshing, and then - once summer temperatures take hold - when it is like walking into a warm bath. But dipping after dark at that time of the year is very special.

After the great promise we made yesterday about going to Steni Market, we failed to set out. Oh well ... next month is only four weeks away.

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