Saturday, 11 April 2015

Medical Postscript

One of the things we did not do when we left the UK was to bring our medical records with us, especially as my GP wanted a ridiculous amount of money to have them printed out, so I settled for a summary. Mistake!

On a number of occasions I was struggling to remember when I had been treated for various conditions in the past, and all the doctors would have benfited from seeking past ECGs to compare with the ones I had taken this week.

So my advice for all who will follow in our footsteps is to swallow the cost and bring full copies of your medical records with you. They will be invaluable if you fall ill.

And to those who read the forums where the Cypriot health service is so often criticised (It's not like it is at "home"), I can say that Ann's treatment two years ago could not have been better, and you will know what my experiences have been. Of course they are desperately short of money, as the country is pretty close to bankruptcy. Of course things are done differently here. Some of the hospitals are in dire need of refurbishment. But the care and professionalism of the doctors and nurses is absolutely brilliant. And when people moan that the hospital public areas are tatty, they should bear in mind that I almost died in the UK six years ago with MRSA - picked up at the Royal Sussex in Brighton. If memory serves MRSA in Cyprus does not occur. So put up with the grubby paintwork and embrace what your new home has to offer.

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