Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Road to Recovery ...

Thanks for all for the emails and messages wishing me well. I am happy to report that I am feeling 95% better, and that was before going up to Polis Hospital for blood tests this morning, where it was as if there had been a zombie outbreak. But, remaining calm, all passed off peacefully.

Ann and I have both been touched by the way people have offered to help, collecting prescriptions, shopping or lifts to the hospital. We don't accept help easily, but that's just the way it is. Our friend Savvas was very cross (in a kindly way) that we had not told he and his wife what was happening. "You must tell us in future. I know everybody in Polis and can cut corners."

Ann is still suffering from a chesty cough and her sinuses are blocked, but she feels she is on the road to recovery as well. A visit to the hairdresser will no doubt make her feel better.

In any event, life goes on and the sun shines on us each day. I know people criticise the medical care in Cyprus, and my friend Pete tells me that when it goes well (as it has with us) then everything is great, but when it doesn't ...

Good to see my friend Dave in Peristerona on the road to recovery. He has been really unwell and - like us - won't pick up the telephone to ask for help. Stubborn old so-and-so that he is. Perhaps there is a lesson for both of us there.

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