Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Battered and bruised ...

John's 70th birthday bash on Sunday left a number of people battered and bruised and unfortunately I was one of the casualties. It was held at Santa Barbara in Argaka, which has just been refurbished. The large bar and restaurant area have sliding glass partitions to separate the two parts, with two sliding glass doors as well. The glass was very, very clean and almost invisible to the naked eye. On my way from restaurant area to bar area, I walked straight into the glass. Nose and left hand were both in hard contact with the glass, and I have to admit it was a terrific shock.

Monday morning ... and my left hand was badly bruised and Ann dug out to the witchhazel. Painkillers were taken and this morning my hand is much improved. My nose looks as if it belongs to someone else but I suspect that is just swelling and hidden bruising. There was absolutely no way to identify where the glass was and George, who runs the place, told me the markings were "on order". Hmm.

John tells me he was "pupperteering" by the end of the night (a lovely expression ... just think of Thunderbirds walking), his wife Jill fell outside the restaurant and fell again when she got home. Yvonne, her friend, tried to pick her up and injured her back. Other casualty figures are as yet unknown. But it was great night.

Apart from that, life proceeds normally although it has been jolly cold for the last couple of days and the temperature is not due to pick up until the weekend.

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