Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Busy, busy, busy ...

My goodness this is turning out to be a busy week. After battening down the hatches over the last couple of days, and the weather was cold and wet, we are now girding our loins to face the rest of the week's activities.

Today Ann has her hair done at lunchtime, and then there is this month's meeting of The Polis Book Club at Saddle's in Polis. New members are joining and I think that will just about bring the club to bursting point, which is a great tribute to Ann. No doubt coffee and other liquids will be drained this afternoon, and perhaps the occasional piece of cake. What is good is the fact that their second male member will be joining today as this has previously been a typical "ladies who lunch" affair. More power to their collective elbows, I say.

Tomorrow looks as if we are on an expedition to Paphos for shopping and a "quick" visit to the General Hospital to check on something. After that we are meeting Anthea and John for dinner in Steni, which is something we both are looking forward to. Even better news is that we are being driven. I increasingly dislike driving at night, with the seeming millions of reflective signs that infest most roads here.

This weekend brings our good friend John, from Pomos, to his 70th birthday and a surprise party at Santa Barbara in Argaka. His son will be flying over from the UK from this and about twenty of us are gathering to celebrate this milestone. We haven't been to Santa Barbara since it changed hands and it will be intriguing to see what it is like.

And so busy, busy, busy ... it's a good job we are retired as we would never have the time to fit in all that Cyprus has to offer. It's a shame I couldn't have retired decades ago so must make the most of the next twenty or thirty years. I tell Ann I intend to live forever but she doesn't believe me ...

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