Saturday, 2 January 2016

In 2016 we are hoping for ...

We chatted about our hopes and aspirations for 2016 at lunch yesterday and, inevitably, the events of 2015 affected our discussion. Readers of this blog will know that 2015 was a fairly bruising year for us, with seemingly intractable problems for Becky S. and the death of a good friend.

2015 ended with Becky S. on the up, having secured a well-paid job and settled accommodation. That made the end of the year much more positive for us, and long may that continue. But - being two thousand miles away - means that we can not help directly with any hiccups and problems that occur.

As far as we are concerned, we continue to make long-term plans for our house and garden. We are healthy and happy, and long may that continue. My arrhythmia is now history with my sinus rhythm rock solid, and all my other parts in working order. I am off to investigate a gym in Polis next week, as I do miss that regular exercise that I enjoyed in the UK. So many of the gyms here seem to cater for deaf people - I assume deaf as the music to "accompany" your workout was played at ear splitting volume. And gyms in Polis seem to close with alarming frequency, so the idea of paying a year upfront is not one with which I feel comfortable. But friends of Pam have said that the gym they use is not full of thumping music and may just be the ticket. We shall see.

We hope to see Becky S. before the winter is out and, if so, will celebrate a second Christmas. Our friends Pam and Becky are due to come and stay in May, and Mike and Wendy are threatening a return visit to Cyprus this summer. So lots to look forward to. Our good friend John is 70 this month, and no doubt a considerable celebration will take place.

And so our life in Cyprus continues to be a delight, despite the unhappiness of 2015. But those sort of things can happen wherever you live. The next decision to be made is how we are going to celebrate my 63rd birthday at the end of February. As Ann says, age is just a number ...

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