Sunday, 17 January 2016

"He who dares ..."

At the risk of sounding like Delboy the answer is "Win" and not "wins". Win is our new Vietnamese cleaner who is cleaning our house within an inch of its life. I have never seen someone working as hard and as fast in all my days, and she has now started cleaning the windows because they need doing.

When Ann pulled a muscle in her back, and it took a little while to heal, we began to talk about some help in the house and the garden. Our friend Savvas, who has employed girls from Vietnam for years and years, and has a girl living in his house with them, suggested he knew a girl who had a day off on Sunday and wanted to work every possible day. We picked her up this morning, and after a guided tour of the house, off she went like a whirlwind.

I must admit that cleaning and gardening (especially the weeding) are vastly over-rated activities, and so we made the decision to give this a try. We have arranged that we will have Win every Sunday and she will work for the day. She is cheerful, speaks good English (she has been in Cyprus for nearly eight years) and certainly knows what she is doing. The cost - and this was arranged via Savvas - €30,00 for the day. Incredible value but this is how she prices herself into work.

And best of all, there is no feeling of guilt - which I sometimes had when Ann was working in the house and I wasn't.

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