Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Class 3 Aliens

Just reviewing our Immigration file whilst writing Chapter 6 of the guide. I had quite forgotten the care and attention that Ann lavished on our application, and which resulted in our successful 11 minute interview before our "pink slips" (yellow, actually) were issued. Sorting out maps and possibly photographs to help others find the Immigration Department, which is nowhere near the place marked on the map we were given by the Cyprus Tourist Board. What memories!

Some interesting questions and suggestions made on one of the expat forums, where I have been allowed to post a link to this blog. One quite relevant one was perhaps to name the book "Our Experience of Retiring to Cyprus", which - as it will inevitably be personalised - may be a more accurate title. Many thanks to all of you who have contacted me with suggestions.

I was very disciplined this morning and wrote for an hour, had a break for lunch and then wrote for another forty minutes - before an afternoon nap was taken. If I can write for between an hour and two hours a day, the chapters (or at least their first drafts) will soon begin to take shape. Being something of a perfectionist, I hate errors, spelling mistakes, typos and want everything to be "just perfect".

I've asked a couple of people to write prefaces or introductions to chapters already planned (they are experts in their field), and they have graciously agreed. Whereas I am aware that rules and regulations change here quite often, the beauty of an ebook is that a second edition or subsequent editions are only a download away.

If any of you are on Facebook or any other social media, please do share this blog with your friends and contacts. The more the merrier, and when I get down to the "nitty gritty", opinions and suggestions form near and far will be so valuable. Tweet away to your hearts' content. You never know who might come and join us here in Cyprus ...

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