Saturday, 2 August 2014

Clouds ... and Autoglym

Cloudy start to the day ... brilliant. I needed a cloudy day to apply the next coat of Autoglym to the car. Full of enthusiasm I made a start. Cool breeze and all systems go. Roof and bonnet waxed, and ready to polish. And then the sun sneakily appears from behind previously impenetrable clouds, the temperature jumps and - although the job was completed - I was anything but cool and collected by the time I had finished.

A cold shower has never felt so good. Off to Polis to visit the butcher and have a BBQ either tonight or tomorrow.

Not a day passes when the list of topics for my ebook increases. At this rate it will be a series rather than one volume. A Greek Cypriot once told me that when you are retired, "Every day is Sunday." Hmm ... Sunday the day of rest?

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