Friday, 15 August 2014

Heatstroke is not very pleasant ...

Went to the picnic site at Argaka yesterday with our friends Pete and Sylvi. Aircon on the way there and sitting in the shade whilst we enjoyed a great BBQ and picnic. But, after a few hours, did not feel at all well and was very ill. Ann drive me home and I was burning up, but ironically no sweat. Cool bedroom, wet flannels applied to the body and sips of cold water. I was so hot it was unbelievable. Fell asleep with the aircon on and a fan in the room, and slept for fourteen hours. When I got up I went for a cold shower, and it was like an arctic blast to the body.

However, have done very little today and just watched the cricket on TV. Gradually cooled off and I assume the body's thermostat is now working properly. Three cold showers and sitting in the fan's draught now, and feeling just about human.

I'll take a few days off and just take it easy. Heatstroke is no laughing matter ...


  1. Glad to hear you a feeling better. We were rather concerned as there was a fair off-road drive for Ann to get you back home. The effects of heat and dehydration here can catch you unaware very quickly, something to bear in mind for your Ebook to warn others.

    1. Thanks for that, Pete. Ann did brilliantly and it will feature in the ebook. The list gets ever longer.