Monday, 4 August 2014

Teething troubles

I gather that one or two people have found the first line of the blog in Greek rather than in English. I believe that, if you are viewing the blog in Cyprus (for example), then Google and Blogger default languages must be set to UK English, as they will automatically default to the language of your location.

I spent hours this morning researching the wording of my Disclaimer Page, which - even for ebooks such as this - in this litigious age is important. But that's one task out of the way. The rest of the time was spent using an iPad app called Popplet, which allows mind-mapping to be reasonably painless. Great if you keep changing your mind. After that it was whipping MS Word into shape with styles and formatting, so that the editing process will not be haphazard.

At the moment it's all fun, but writing does certainly take it out of me - probably because I haven't written anything remotely serious for years. But even worse is handwriting ... it's almost as if I have forgotten how to write. I suppose the only thing I have handwritten in years is my signature. And it's not just me - Ann is equally bad. Perhaps it's time to return to school.

I have always read you need discipline to be a writer and that's so difficult with the pool a few metres away.

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