Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Entitlement to healthcare

Of all the subjects I have researched there seems to be more no nonsense on entitlement to healthcare than almost anything else. I hope after a couple of days of writing, editing and checking (and then rechecking) that my guide will be informative and easy to follow. Breaking it into "Bite-size chunks" has been the order of the day, with a few flow charts to follow.

If you are receiving a State Retirement Pension, then follow this path. If not, and you are receiving a private pension, then turn right here. Self-employed and go here. Employed then turn left at the crossroads. You have to pay into the Social Fund unless (1) go here and (2) go there and (3) You will need evidence of private health insurance before you go to Immigration (go to chapter 4).

All good clean fun, but a bit mind-boggling.

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