Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Easyjet 5453 is on its way ...

After all the social excitement of the last week, real life intrudes - but in a pleasant way. Becky S. is, unless she missed the plane or got on the wrong one, en route to Cyprus and should be arriving at about 13.45 at Paphos. Needless to say we are going to be there well before that time, and are really looking forward to her arrival. Although Ann has been back to the UK twice to see her, I have not seen Becky since October 2012. Far too long.

Hours in front of televisions and computers at Gracie Towers yesterday, helping David sort out internet-tv and XBMC and OTTV and lots of other addons with mysterious initials. Mostly successful but we ran out of juice and decided to finish off later in the week. A lovely supper and a couple of glasses of the hard stuff restored us all, and as long as everything is up and running before 16.30 on Saturday (England v South Africa at Twickenham) then we shall all be happy.

Talking about Twickenham, I was intrigued by a posting on Facebook by Wendy (my best friend's wife) which located her in the Royal Box at Twickenham during the England v All Blacks game. Where were my tickets, then?

Too excited to blog any more but no doubt loads of stuff to come ...

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