Thursday, 20 November 2014

Hospitals and Friends ...

Friends - love them or hate them - are friends and a friend in need ... Friends of ours called yesterday and asked for my help. John has been suffering pains in his "stomach" for a couple of weeks and, despite numerous blood tests at the local hospital, he was nowhere near to resolving the problem. So off to Paphos he was sent for an ultrasound scan. He wasn't feeling up to driving and he hates being driven by his lovely wife of forty years, Jill. So a telephone call on Monday night asking if I could help.

I was happy to drive them to Paphos and told her so. "Are you sure?" she asked. I told her I was sure but she was not convinced. We met this morning in Polis, and she wanted to be reassured it was okay. I told her again, and she responded "Well, if you're sure." Friends ...

In any event I took them to the Iasos Hospital in Paphos, a private hospital a world away from the hurly burly of Paphos General. Ultrasound scan completed, consultation with the doctor who told him that he needed to have his gall bladder removed. When he was asked if it was possible to arrange something, we were whisked in to see the surgeon (who consulted with the cardiologist) and he then spent about forty minutes talking to us and explaining the options. The end result was that John returns next Tuesday for tests and a consultation with the cardiologist, the anaesthetist and the surgeon. The operation would then take place (all being well) a few days' later. And, by the way, we'll repair the hernia you have at the same time.

When we returned to Polis Hospital ... that's a story for another day ... but that's what friends are for.

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