Monday, 17 November 2014

Finding time to blog?

One of life's ironies is that you don't always have time to blog when life is busy - which is just the time you need to blog.

Life has been very busy in the last week, since Becky arrived to stay. Within forty-eight hours we were at A & E at Polis Hospital, as she was suffering from a nasty ear infection. She told us that something "popped" en route (not just the normal depressurisation "pop") and this then lead to a red rash, followed by blisters, on her neck. To cut a long story short, we went to the pharmacist in Polis and bought some antibiotics over the counter (the hospital could not treat her as she did not have her EHIC), and this seemed to be doing the trick.

But on Sunday she started to feel hot and clammy, and later exhibited all the symptoms of .... 'flu. Would you believe it? In any event to bed with hot water bottle, paracetamol and lots of fluids. Today she is sleeping and that's probably the best thing for her.

I am a firm believer that, when life has not been too kind, your body needs to get rid of the unhappiness and anger and irritation and all the other bad things that you have experienced. And the way this is often displayed is through ill-health. No doubt in a couple of weeks we will all be laughing about it, but - for now - all a girl needs is her mum.

Much hospitality has been enjoyed at Gracie Towers, and I think Ann and Becky enjoyed "dog-sitting" on Saturday for Bonnie. When I arrived to watch the England v South Africa game, there was the contented sound of doggie snoring from Bonnie's basket - a sure sign of relaxation. I am happy to report the snoring did not interfere with our viewing of the rugby.

Here we are in mid-November, with the sun shining over a very blue Mediterranean Sea, and talking about where we are going to go for Christmas lunch. In all the years Ann and I have been together we have never ventured forth on Christmas Day, but this year we shall. It is surreal, and this will be our third Christmas on Cyprus, to be talking about Christmas (and seeing Christmas trees and decorations in the shops) whilst debating whether to wear shorts or "grown-up trousers".

Life has never been so good.

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