Monday, 24 November 2014

Postage to Cyprus ...

Our electric blanket died recently and so we thought it would be a simple matter to have one delivered to us in Cyprus. Wrong. Unfortunately our usual supplier, Amazon, do not sell them directly and their resellers either will not post to Cyprus or are asking silly money. One reseller wanted £33.00 to post a package weighing 2.5 Kg, in addition to charging a substantial premium on the RRP of the electric blanket we wanted.

So cold toes in bed are the order of the day. I know it's warm at night compared to the UK but we are now in our third year here and we do feel the change in temperature quite markedly. I suppose it is one of the downsides of living here that many items are not available (or are available at quite ridiculous prices) and increasingly it is more and more difficult to get firms to post here. We understood this before moving here but it is frustrating nevertheless. On the other hand it is gloriously sunny today on 24th November, and would we really want to be anywhere else?

STOP PRESS ... Becky swam in our pool for about fifteen minutes today. It took about ten minutes to get her shoulders under the water but she did it. What a way to recover from 'flu. Go Becky Go ...

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