Friday, 21 November 2014

That's Life, I think

All sorts of things going on at the moment and this is supposed to be the quiet time of the year, when we all withdraw inside the house, follow hobbies and catch-up on all the films and TV we said we were never going to watch.

The Bingo & Quiz evenings have become much quieter, partly because it's dark and "cold" which means people are much more likely to stay in than go out. There's also a suggestion that part of the expat community may be boycotting these fund-raising events for reasons best known to themselves. Another local bar is a hotbed of gossip, and they also run a quiz evening. Who knows? Perhaps it is time for us to unveil our Bingo secret weapon, a professional caller from years gone by. You know who you are, so be prepared.

Ann's daughter Becky is gradually adjusting to the frenetic pace of life in Argaka, and we are delighted she is living with us. When you need unconditional support, then there is nothing like family. It looks as if this might be an extended stay, although one can never tell. All we can hope is that she enjoys her time here and her time with us.

Christmas gallops towards us, and I just love the snow-covered scenes in Paps - decorations, Christmas trees, and all the paraphernalia of a Dickensian Christmas. It will probably be warm enough to have a bbq on Christmas Day, although we hope to have lunch out with our friends David and Letitia, and with Becky, in one of the restaurants in Latchi. A first for us but that's what comes of emigrating in your 60s. Onwards and upwards.

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